About Datacom Group

Datacom Group provides:

Streamserve / Exstream based document design and management on contractual basis.

Net-App storage administration and customized solution building.


Remotely - all around the world
Physically - mainly in northern europe.


We are available on short notice for emergency work!
On regular schedule we work:
Mo-Fr 10:00-18:00 CET


Streamserve / Extream

  • Setting up new environments, configuring permissions and all other tedious parts of getting things going. Including documenting the process, if a need for rebuild may arise!

  • Creating new documents, following readability and paper saving guidelines.

    • Manufacturing documents (Labels, Job Cards, Work Orders, Manufacturing Picking List)
    • Sales and Finance documents(Credit-, Project-, FreeText- and ProForma Invoices, Account Statement, Interest Note, Collection Letter etc.)
    • Procurement documents (Request for Quotation, Purchase order etc.)
    • Supply chain (Delivery Note, Warehouse Picking List, Pallet Contents, Transfer Order, Packing List)
    • Client letter, notification, marketing.

  • Many companies are faced to the inevitable upgrade need from old PageOut to more modern StoryTeller. When you have hundreds of layouts, the upgrade path may be too time consuming for your in-house maintenance team. Our people can take this upgrade out of your hands and complete it as a project, leaving your in-house experts dealing with future maintenance once again.

  • Consulting client about any aspect of Streamserve/Communication Center Enterprise/Exstream, what ever the nature of the need may be - product behaviour, replacing it with some other product or replacing some other product with Exstream.

  • Helping client with team building.
    We are able to provide continuous help for hired junior-developers, if there is no in-house senior available, to bring Streamserve know-how into the house, if it has gotten lost.

  • Auditing existing environment, it's layout, existing designs and development and deployment practices, to find places to optimize or pinpointing the origin of faults.

  • Net-App, storage and backup

  • Setting up new environments, configuring permissions and providing preliminary user consultation.

  • Finding and pinpointing issues in the Net-App environments.

  • Consulting client in any aspect of storage and backup related tasks.

  • Auditing existing environment, it's layout, existing change plans and practices, to find places to optimize or pinpointing the origin of faults and paths for improvements.

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Sõnajala tee 6, Metsanurme 75506, Estonia

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+372 56 674 514

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